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We provide exhibition space for Sponsors in the same area as Lunch and Coffee breaks will be.

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The meeting will be chaired by

Stefan Schaeren / Basel Switzerland

Áron Lazáry / Budapest Hungary
Stefano Boriani / Milano Italy

Many Experts from different countries

For the second time in Basel and the eighth year in a row, we proudly host the world’s leading experts in treatment of the spine in tumor patients and the elderly. Having moved to “the limits” during last year’s meeting in Milano, we now seek to “touch ground” again and shift our focus to “evidence-based treatment of the spine”.

The Basel-Milano-Budapest meeting serves as a platform to maintain our friendship and collaborations and to pursue ongoing efforts to provide our spine patients the best treatment possible. The purpose is to share knowledge, experience and viewpoints to those specialists involved in consulting and treating spinal disorders in the elderly and with tumors.